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1978 Indian AMI-50 Chief Moped

1978 Indian AMI-50 Chief Moped

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Missing parts, motor is free, no paperwork, bill of sale only.  Right now it is hung on the wall and I made the lights light up with LED bulbs.  You can have the bracket too, if you want to hang it on your wall.

Info about this Indian Moped:
All Indian mopeds have the same model name, “AMI-50 Chief”, or just “AMI-50”.

The 1978-81 Indian AMI50 engine is a remake of a 1975-77 Honda PC50K1 or 1975-78 Honda PF50R engine. The main difference is the Indian left case has Bosch-compatible stator plate mounts, while Honda has no stator plate. Other than the magneto-generator, and the Mikuni version head and intake, everything else is interchangeable.
The 1978 Indian Parts Manual lists the following frame colors: black, silver, burgundy, blue.

The first 1978-79 Indians had a Tillotson “pumper” type carburetor. That had problems.
Later 1979 Indians had a Keihin carburetor, with lever choke, same kind as Honda PC50.
The only 1978 decals listed are the left and right Indian heads on the tank.
The only 1978 wheels are the spoke wheels with 90mm brake drums.
The 1979 Indian Parts Manual lists the following frame colors: black, silver, burgundy, blue, green, white.
The 1979-later Indians had a wider rear luggage rack.
Some 1979, and all 1980-later had a Mikuni 10mm carb, with cable choke.
Early Mikuni versions had the same black-painted cylinder head with the same flange angle.
Later Mikuni versions a different silver-painted head with a flange angle more side-facing.
Those late-Mikuni silver heads came with valve stem seals, unlike the older black heads.
The 1979-later Sport Mag II aluminum wheels have the same 90mm brakes as the spoke wheels.
The 1979-later Mira Enterprises aluminum wheels have 100mm brakes, different than the others.
“Script” version had gold script Indian decals on the tank, and gold script Indian on the engine covers (sides).
“Stripe” version had either “warm” or “cool” color stripes, and “FOUR STROKE” in yellow slanted on the sides.
The 1980 Indian Parts Manual lists the following frame colors: black, silver, burgundy, blue, green, white.
Some 1979, and all 1980-later had the improved two-coil WTEMCO magneto.

Indian mopeds came about in '77 when American Mopeds Associates bought the Indian name at bankruptcy for 10grand, and got the old Honda 4 stroke moped engine designs from the pc50, because Honda was switching mopeds to all 2 stroke on the Hobbits and Expresses. They designed the Indian in America and had it produced in Taiwan (by Merida bicycle company) with the Honda PC50 clone engine (with some minor changes to stator and carb configurations).

Indians are 4 strokes, which means less power and less go fast potential, and they're also considerably more difficult to work on. Indians use a one-of-a-kind engine, meaning NO cross compatibility with other engines, and parts are hard to find. They are poorly built Taiwanese clone of the Honda PC50; they can use parts from those, however it is equally if not more difficult to find parts for the PC50.
The easiest option is fabricating mounts for a Puch E50 engine or a Tomos A35. Either of these engines should cost around $100. A 70cc kit for an E50 is about the cheapest (and one of the easiest) kits available for any moped engine, and it would run around another $100 depending on the kit brand and quality up to 300 if you wanted to do a complete upgrade with new pipe, carburettor, crank and head, it could cost up to $300. The A35 is a faster engine in the end because it's a 2 speed, but it's also more work and it requires more maintenance (like replacing clutch pads). Swapping the engine should get you going easily 40+ for around $200, and for a full E50 build, 55 is entirely achievable for around $500 total (including engine + mounts). To keep it four stroke, there are Lifan and Linhai Honda clone engines around $300 new and complete that you could have also fabricate a mount for.

NOTE: Shipping is not included in this price.  We can assist in getting this shipped you you safely.  You are responsible for all shipping charges and cost.  Local pick up is also available.

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